Shibuya and Rumi's birthday party 渋谷で祐希と遊び、後、るみちゃんのお誕生日パーティー

July 4 2008年7月4日(金)
Yesterday (friday) after my class Yuuki and I went to Shibuya to check it out and window shop a bit. It was crazy! I was amazed by all the tall buildings and ads everywhere, and Yuuki found that funny. she would ask 'Why are you taking a picture of that??' when I stopped to take pictures of the buildings. well, that's what tourists do.. I guess.
one of the highlights was going to the Bape shop! I bought a cell phone strap there. I'll have to get a cell phone to go with it.
After we got back home, we met up with Yuuki's friends Rumi, and Davey (sp?) (another student from the JEC and also a UBC student! although we had never met before).
Today is Rumi's birthday and yesterday we threw a party for her. I made tomato pasta and cheese casserole and spinach salad, and Yuuki made cheesecake, since Rumi likes western cuisine. Then we lit the huge set of fireworks Natsuki and I bought a couple of weeks ago. too much fun!
うちに帰ってきた後で、るみちゃんとデイビーさん(祐ちゃんのお友達)に会う。今日はるみちゃんのお誕生日なので、昨日パーティーを行った。エマは洋食を作って、祐ちゃんはチーズケーキを作って、みんな一緒に食べてから花火をした。エマにとって、花火は初めて、スゴイ楽しかった。 (o^-^)o

I couldn't believe my ears when Yuuki told me this scene is uncrowded for Shibuya.

The same crosswalk as above.

I found this humping dog figurine in a department store, Tokyu Hands. lolz...

The Bape store! now I am cool!

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