Yesterday (the 22nd) Yuuki and I went to Shinjuku shopping district in the pouring rain. Shinjuku stretches far and wide, and the buildings are very tall. 7 or 8 hours allowed us enough time to go to only 3 buildings and browse the shops there. There are tons of lights and advertisements, and it looks so pretty at night, like Times Square or the piccadilly circus except better and more japanese.


display for the yukata festival! yabaai

Shopping in Japan is quite different from in Canada... not only are the goods different, there are more sales clerks available to help you and they are a lot more polite. They say irasshaimase (welcome!) and douzo! etc. when customers enter the shop, in addition to being more willing to help them out.

Today Natuki and I went to another shopping centre near the house and I bought boots and snacks. (always a good combination) I think the boots will be useful because it is the rainy season right now. For dinner we had Okonomiyaki.



My stay in Japan so far has been a lot of fun. After I arrived at Narita on the 19th, I phoned my homestay and then managed to get there by train without too much confusion. after dinner, I gave my homestay family members some small gifts of appreciation from Canada...

On Friday I went to the school I will be attending, to meet with someone and arrange my schedule. After lunch I met Yuuki when she had finished work, and we went to her friend`s house for a present exchange party. The food was delicious and everyone was so nice!

Today I decided to rest a bit, but since Tatsuya had band practice at another Tenrikyo church I went along for a short time. at the church they were in the middle of a service and it was interesting to see the men there doing Te-odori.

V This is the church

I also took a couple of obligatory tourist-in-japan pictures for your enjoyment.
street signs 日本語で何?笑
vending machines 自動販売機





what the blog?

I don't blog much but I thought I would start this to keep in touch with friends while I'm in Japan.
I'll try to upload photos often.
I'm arriving in Japan on Thursday June 19th and I leave / get back on Wednesday August 6th.