asian spring

It is now spring in japan.
the cherry blossoms came and went too quickly.
insect repellants and sunscreen have been popping up all over the supermarkets.
there are also fireworks :D

I can't wait to get my hands on some of these!

I just need someone to burn them with...

on april 13th, I went to Kimiidera (a temple in south Wakayama city) with Motoaki and Machiko sensei. we went there to view the cherry blossoms... too late! they were almost all gone to the wind. it was still very pretty; Kimiidera has a nice view from the top. oh well, maybe next year I can see the blossoms at Wakayama castle. I hear they are nice there, too.

on april 15th, I came across a lantern festival in Yuasa town. there were lots of lovely and creative lanterns :) the old part of Yuasa is really cute. 

 May 5th was children's day. Happy Children's Day to all the boys!

on the 6th I went to another Survival game (airsoft/bb rifles)
that's me! (I'm just posing)

on the 8th I went to Koto no Ura garden in Wakayama city with my friend/coworker Misa. it was very tranquil and beautiful. it reminded me of Nitobe garden at UBC.

in the classroom, I am always finding funny things... I recently came across this on the cover of the book we use for teaching lower case letters. This is going to be my favourite story for a while. also, where can I get a pair of these "cool dino shoes". they sound fantastic.

 Yesterday, I performed the shamisen (3 songs!) at a Tenrikyo service at Yuasa church. I love the shamisen now :D I want to look up some more sheet music to study in my free time so I can improve, not just Tenrikyo songs. I am also getting a friend to teach me the Koto. I can play the song "sakura" but not very well.

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