So, today I am in Nagoya (until about 12-1 pm). When I applied for my passport so I can extend my visa, my guarantor was rejected so I have to visit the consulate in person, fill out another form and get two additional non-family references plus two more documents supporting my identity. Phew! The hoops they make you jump through. And it's only good for 5 years :( maybe I should start making friends with Japanese doctors, lawyers or police officers... Well anyhow, now my application is complete, and I've sent it to Tokyo.

I rented a bike for the day and went to see Nagoya castle. It is not open Thursdays so I just rode around the outside. Then I went to the consulate. (I was traveling from 9 pm to 5 am by train and bus, so my hair is a bit messy!)

Also, I found some kitties around the castle. There was an old man who came to feed them.

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