It's humid here. (HOW HUMID IS IT?)

Wow. Really humid. The rainy season isn't quite letting up yet. I'd give it another week or so..
Today i was in Wakayama city for my chat box lessons, and it rained until about 3, and then stopped. In the office we had the air conditioner on "dry" setting, so it felt very, well... Vancouver. And when I noticed it had stopped raining (even the streets and sidewalks had dried up), I decided to open the window and stick my hand out... you know, for science.
I stuck my hand out and it was like being sprayed by a water mister! I withdrew my hand and was like holy bejeebus, my hand is practically wet... It was weird though. Probably on account of the rain, it wasn't that hot today, maybe 21-23℃. It was just... clammy. Yeah, that's the word for it. I'll have to write that down.
Right now I'm going home by train, which is obviously air conditioned, but after that I will ride my bike through the lukewarm, clammy sauna and back home.

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