went to osaka and kyoto too. also, cake.

On May 27th, Machiko, Mr. Nakaie and I went to Kyoto. we went to the aquarium, Kiyomizu Temple, and Kinkakuji the golden pavilion. I have linked to a picasa album of photos.

On May 20th I went to Osaka with my student Shiro-san. we were going to see the Tutankhamen exhibit but the wait was 4 hours--so we went to see the kaiyukan aquarium... which is enormous... too bad, I really wanted to see the exhibit. oh well.

that night we had a party and I made some cake. Machiko's sister in law, Yoriko, actually brought vegan brownies for me too. so i had brownies and cake! there was actually too much cake, and some of it went to waste :( I'll try to post the recipe later.

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